So the weekend arrived. And the first thing I had agreed to was a work-related call at 09:00. How very relaxing. I logged on to the laptop in advance of the call and saw that the team had emailed me the results I needed to check, rendering the call unnecessary. So, I checked the results, provided some feedback and thought that would be it. ‘Ah’, advised my colleague over IM (Instant Messaging), ‘now we can move on to the second stage of the change’. Oh, bugger.
‘Do you need me online for that?’ I asked. In three hours or so, came the reply. ‘Okay, I’ll log back on at one pm’, I wrote back.
TW had, by now, taken the girls to gymnastics, and so I showered and went to pick them up. Once we returned, I was faffing around with something, then TW’s best friend (and husband, and young son) arrived. So we had a very nice time chatting and drinking tea. TW made lunch, some lovely burgers in rolls, and by then the son was getting tired and so our visitors left, heading back to the Big Smoke. Or actually Maidenhead, I think it’s where they’ve moved to. Anyway, then I checked the TV listings and saw that there was some T20 cricket on, so I sat and concentrated on that while TW was very active doing washing, and shopping and stuff. She does do things in a disorganised manner; if I was her I would arrange my life so that I actually got to sit down for a few minutes. But that’s not her style; even when she’s busy (or says she’s got a lot to do), she’s quite happy to sit and play Candy Crush for 20 minutes. So, I’ve given up trying to work her out. She was going out in the evening, some wedding reception which I wasn’t interested in attending, and she wanted to make sure that things were ready and in place for Eldest’s party on the Sunday.
At 6:30 or so she got a text message – we had arranged to buy a tent and the guy selling it was back and available. So I jumped in the car to go and pick it up, and guess what? Heavy summer showers. As soon as we do anything related to camping, it bloody well rains. We just don’t have the luck. So I collected the beast (it was so big that light was bending around it)  and took it home.
Once I’d unloaded that, it was time to ferry TW in to town.
That evening I had a couple of EPAs from River Cottage and watched a bit of telly. I headed up to bed at about 22:30 I think.
I had forgotten to log back on to the work laptop to validate the second lot of results…

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