Friday came as a bit of a surprise; as I had taken Thursday off, I was in full-on weekend mode, and not really in the right frame of mind to be in the office with my nose to the grindstone. But I struggled through and made it to 4:50pm.
On a Friday it’s one of my customs/traditions/habits to get a sausage sandwich from the canteen in the morning, but unfortunately on this occasion by the time I got to work they had run out. Just lately they’ve been pushing the breakfast items – sausage and egg muffins, bacon and cheese croissants, and I think they’ve created a bit of demand for cooked goods early in the morning. I had to take the second-choice option of a Danish, which is probably just as enjoyable, but it wasn’t a sausage sandwich.
At lunch I decided to save my sandwiches (homemade by TW) for the evening, and I had a salt beef ciabatta with piccalilli. It was delicious, but I think that was down to the piccalilli rather than anything else; the salt beef was a bit chewy, but I managed it nonetheless.

So, anyway, on to the cricket. As ever, I left work slightly early and tried to get to the Hove County Ground in time for the opening of the gates. Of course I missed that, but I got there early enough to get a front row seat, which was pleasing to me.
The cricket was okay; Sussex managed to restrict Middlesex in the first innings, which was a surprise after seeing how Middlesex performed on Sky on Thursday night. One of Middlesex’s sure-fire boundaries was stopped by a seagull, and the moment was captured for posterity by the cameras:

Sussex’s response was pretty good, but inevitable. They completed their run chase in 16 overs. On the way out, people were saying that it was the best game of the season; somehow I don’t think they were right. The first game of the season was a real thriller and that one was nip and tuck all the way, with Sussex winning off the last ball of the innings. I think that is the best game I’ve seen so far this year – and possibly for a number of years.
So I headed home a happy man that night šŸ™‚

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