So, on Monday morning  I set off to work early, having already celebrated Eldest’s birthday and opened her presents with her. As a family we were awake half an hour earlier than normal, and I thought I would take the opportunity to get to work early and start the week at a canter.
I headed to West Worthing station and jumped on the 07:47 and decided to change at Worthing; that normally means I can get a seat, and the train goes direct to Brighton. If I’m reading,  or  listening to a podcast, I can carry on uninterrupted. The other option is to change at Hove, which means (normally) waiting longer on Hove station, and then not getting a seat on the train. I know it’s only two minutes from Hove to Brighton, but I like a sit-down if I can.
So I got on the train at Worthing, and it promptly went nowhere. The conductor advised that some piping had fallen off the bottom of one of the carriages, and they would attempt to fix it. This meant that they switched off the electricity feeding the tracks, and so all trains behind us were also delayed.
Eventually he advised that, due to the electric tracks and the hot train exhaust, they would not be able to rectify the issue, and so we were obliged to disembark and get on subsequent trains.
As a result, I didn’t get into the office until 09:10, probably twenty minutes later than I would normally expect to arrive.

I am starting to believe that I am jinxed; life seems to plod on normally and all is well, usually, but as soon as I try something different or unusual, Fate slaps me down. So from now on, it’s routine, routine, routine. I shall aim to be at the station in time to get the 08:02, and take it from there…

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