So it was the day after the Summer Fayre. And didn’t I know about it. I had a horrible hangover, which I’ve not had in a long time, and in addition my body ached from all the standing I did while serving burgers and hot dogs on Saturday, as well as the lifting and carrying we did to tidy up afterwards.
Eldest wanted to go to Arundel Lido, which of course made my heart sink, as there was nothing I wanted more than to sit inside and not move all day, but I started to feel better about the possibility when TW advised there was shade. I could sit in the shade and read my newspaper, maybe? But then TW put her foot down and said no, it would cost £16 and that was too much. She was planning to take Eldest out for dinner the following day, so two treats in two days was out of the question.
We decided to go swimming instead at Splashpoint, which was a bit of a busman’s holiday for TW considering she works there, but at least the kids were pleased and it was a good choice to soothe my aches and pains. Probably not the headache, given the noise levels, but you can’t have everything, can you? We were joined in the pool by some friends and after the swim, when we were mooching in the cafe, they offered to look after the two youngest for the afternoon, which was nice. We arranged to go to theirs for a bbq later, so we dropped the kids off and went to Tesco to get supplies, and also a new phone for TW. She’s been using a 7″ tablet as a phone for the past three months or so, since hers just inexplicably stopped working. At least I get my tablet back. She got a nice Moto G, which I hope will last out the two year contract… We also bought a new TV, which was a bit unexpected, but we were planning to get one for the loft and they were selling them off, so I think we’ve done okay. Apparently though we do need an aerial, so I’ll have to look into getting one – I’m hoping an indoor aerial might be sufficient, and they’re only a fiver or so off of Amazon. We’ll see…
The barbecue was nice and relaxed, despite the children all being in high spirits. It’s amazing how much enjoyment can be extracted from a bit of sun and a paddling pool by five girls. I thought we had our hands full with three, it’s quite crazy how much energy five children can expend when combined.
A couple of beers (quite literally, two cans) and then home. I could have quite easily gone to bed at nine I think, if I’d been on my own, but TW watched Masterchef and we headed up at ten, as usual.
It was a good day, despite the unpromising start. I really thought I’d prefer lying in my pit, but a bit of activity and conviviality goes a long way.

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