Friday was spent at school, preparing for the school summer ‘fayre’. It was a day of hard work, lugging tables about and generally faffing. We put up gazebos, because the weather was great, and left them up overnight. TW drove to school and I walked with the children, which was nice. I’d taken the day off work to help TW set up, and it was a bit manky really. Obviously she had a plan of what she wanted to achieve, but to be honest, she’s not very good at sharing the big picture. So I did bits and pieces, and everyone else (all women) remarked on how ‘good’ I was for taking time off and volunteering. I don’t feel I did very much; I went to pick up a shop from Tesco Click and Collect, and I also went to the Post Office to pick up a Kindle Fire I’d bought from eBay.
I was begging to leave by 4:30, but as Molly in the Middle had a final practice for her country dancing demonstration on Saturday, we stayed quite late on Friday, putting the finishing touches to it all.

When I got home I tried to fire up the Kindle, but of course it was sold as faulty, and so it turned out. It did get past the boot-up screen to where I should have been able to unlock it; but unfortunately as soon as I touched it, the damned thing rebooted. Since then, I’ve not been able to get that far again; it’s stuck on the boot screen, displaying ‘Kindle Fire’ in white and orange, and steadfastly refusing to be recognised by my laptop. If my laptop was able to recognise the Fire, it would be relatively straightforward to fix. Unfortunately these things are never straightforward for me… 🙂 So now I’ve ordered a ‘factory cable’ and I hope that that might work. I *think* the device is not in fastboot mode, and I’m hoping that the cable can help force that. We’ll see. If it doesn’t work, I shall just put it back on eBay and sell it, hopefully for about as much as it cost me – £30 inc. P&P.

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