Well, it’s the third day and I think I’ve run out of things to say. I spent the day at work, the same as usual. I don’t want to talk about work though, it’s quite dull. It’s just office work – relationship / account management.
I did hear a news item on Radio 4 this morning about making the school day longer, so that children will be able to do their homework at school. That doesn’t make any sense to me; with my ‘Dad’ hat on, surely that means that the responsibility for bringing up our children is being taken away from us? And at Parents’ Evening at the start of the year, it was stressed to us that bringing up the children was a shared responsibility between us as parents and the school. But if the school now take responsibility for the children doing their homework, surely that takes away our parental duties? Oh well, if that’s the way they want it…

I’ve been quite busy on the Oneplus forums today, trying to get my greasy mitts on an invitation for a Oneplus One. I’m patient enough.
Anyway, that’s enough for today – more of the same tomorrow, I expect.

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