So today I did something really Dad-like; I went to a presentation at Eldest’s school about a week-long residential planned for September 2015. It looks like it’s going to be pretty good fun; lots of outdoor adventure type stuff, but it’s also going to be pretty expensive. We need to provide our £100 deposit by 11th July, and in total it’s going  to be £350 for a week away.
There are going to be 140 kids or so, and I’m sure they’ll have a great time, it looks like what the Eldest did previously at her First School, but that was only a three day residential, which I believe was two full days’ worth of activity. They are not allowed to take their phones with them (aged 10!) or anything they can put a SIM card in, so no iPads either 🙂
Eldest loved the three day residential, and I’m sure that she will love this. She was apparently really good at orienteering last time, and I hope that she finds a new skill this time out too.
Now we just need to decide where we are going to find the cash to pay for it. And then that will set the precedent, and the other two, “Molly in the Middle” and Youngest will also want to go. That’s over £1k in the space of five years for a week away each. I don’t think we paid that much to go to EuroDisney – in fact, I know we didn’t. Ah, well, the alternative is that she stays at home and has an “activity week” at school. It might be worth £350 to have her go away for a week. In fact, if we pay £1,050 now, can TW & I have a free week? It might almost be worth it… 🙂

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