So, more GiL-related escapades today. GiL, that is, Grandmother-in-Law, not ‘gilf’. Brrr, I’ve just made myself shudder. She’s 96, you know. She doesn’t have all her own teeth any more.
Anyway, the GiL.
As TW had looked after her all night in hospital and had only come to bed at 03:00, I made sure the girls were dressed and had sandwiches for school. I also walked them to school before setting off for work.
I had reached Brighton rail station before TW called and advised that the GiL had absconded from hospital. She’d walked out unnoticed, possibly in her slippers (although that’s unconfirmed at this stage), without telling the staff she was going. I tried calling her home number (the GiL’s, that is) but she wasn’t there. I had a bit of a brainwave and called TW back to tell her she should alert GiL’s neighbours that she might be coming home – after all, where else would she go? I got a pat on the back for that later on.
Apparently she was a ‘misper’ for a while – I knew those years of watching The Bill would come in handy – that means, the Police were supposed to be out scouring the streets to track her down. As it turned out TW drove to Angmering and knocked on the door, and GiL let her in. The police phoned later, while TW and the MiL (Mother-in-law, of course) were there.
It turns out that GiL had started cooking a microwave meal – not in the microwave though – oh no, perish the thought; she had taken it out of its sleeve and put it in a saucepan and was cooking it dry on one of the rings on top of the cooker. Because of course that makes much more sense. Then, of course she had forgotten what she was doing (I had to write that down so that I don’t forget) and the neighbours spotted the smoke coming out of the door. Of course because she’d been melting plastic the firemen wanted to take her in to hospital for a check-up, but she refused to go. And that’s when TW got involved and the whole circus began.
So one outcome, the immediate outcome, is that GiL’s cooker is being disconnected and removed tomorrow. So that when she inevitably changes her mind in a week or so, she can’t reconnect it. And we’ll have to see what the other consequences are over the next few days.

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