So I have decided to try and write more often in this forum, and it seems like I chose the right day. I went with a friend to watch Sussex play Somerset at Arundel, and although it wasn’t sunny, the clouds refused to share their load with us and we had a relaxed and enjoyable time. The only fly in the ointment was Sussex’s refusal to win.
Unfortunately when we got home The Wife had to go to see her grandmother who had smoked out her house. She’s still at the hospital now, so we’ll have to see how things go there. I think that physically she’s okay, we’ll have to see what the doctors say.
The children all got on well and enjoyed each other’s company. Because a friend was with TW, I and his partner had to wait at home with the kids until he returned. That was about nine pm, the two youngest had already gone to bed but our eldest who isn’t nine years old yet was still up. I hope that they’re all okay getting up in  the morning. I shall be heading to bed very soon… Tomorrow looks like I might be working from home to ensure that The Wife gets a rest and I’m around in case I’m needed. I’m beginning to like working from home, it is a bit more relaxed and on occasion I actually get more done than I would in the office.
So, nighty night and maybe more of an update tomorrow – who knows?

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