Well, I’m not a happy bunny.

Alan Davies is back, playing Jonathan Creek, and I have a lot of time for his downbeat, slightly other-worldly portrayal of Creek. He manages to get over the idea that Creek is always thinking about slight of hand and deception, to the detriment of observing what’s going on here and now.
This is a run of three all-new episodes, but the twist is that the crime is shown before Creek arrives on the scene. Unfortunately this takes away the dramatic intrigue and the engagement of the viewer. All we’re left with is Creek bumbling around in his usual way, humming and hawing, and ‘Oh, I see’-ing until we know that he has caught up with us.
I watched two of the three last night (thanks iPlayer and Tivo!) and I will watch the third, but I’m not waiting with bated breath – which is a shame.

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