So, disappointed to realise that the Chromecast is not available in the UK today. I’ve been checking the Google Play Store, Currys, and teh interwebs in general, but no joy.
I don’t know what I would do with it; I quite fancy signing up for Netflix, but I can access that through the PS3, so I don’t need a Chromecast for that, The girls will probably end up using it for ‘casting Youtube to the TV, and we can do without that.
I guess I just want to be at the forefront of technology; again, I think that tech will provide the answer, but really the Chromecast is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. Likewise my Chromebook, and my Nexus 7, and my HTC One X should all be means to an end and not an end in itself. But I believe the acquisition of new technology is driving us onwards, to consume more and more…
I’ve just replaced the battery in my One X for the princely sum of £45. I’m hoping that will enable me to put off replacing it for at least another six months. And then I am very interested in getting the Moto G as a replacement. £160 for a 16gb mid-range Android phone running the latest software with ease – nice.
My O2 contract is up for renewal on 5th April and I think I’m going to go SIM-only with Tesco. I believe they have a decent mix of minutes and data. I don’t use many texts, so that’s not important to me. With the combination of a Moto G and a SIM-only deal, I reckon I’ll save a few pounds…

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