So my daughter, the silly sausage, set a password on her CNM 7″ tablet and promptly forgot what it was.
I googled a solution, but was unable to find anything that worked.
First suggestion was to try Google’s password recovery service. Tried that, no luck.
Then, link the tablet to a PC using a USB lead, and find the Username in the Play Services downloads.
No dice, tablet didn’t link to the PC.

I found one suggestion, that I should turn the tablet off entirely, and then hold the Power and Volume Down button in together for 12 secs, which (the advisor claimed) would put the tablet into reboot menu. As it was, the person seeking advice saw a table of options but in oriental (Chinese?) script.
The next bit of advice was to turn the tablet off, and then hold down the Power and the Volume Up buttons together. I did that and got into the necessary menu – and from there, chose the Factory Reset option.

So if you’re looking, the solution is:
1. Power off completely.
2. Hold down the Power and Volume Up buttons at the same time for approx. 15 seconds
3. Choose the Factory Reset option.

This will reset the tablet though, and you will have to reapply any settings and preferences, as well as download again all apps, widgets and wallpapers you had installed. The reset will restore your device to ‘factory fresh’ condition.

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