Today I took the girls to Splashpoint while TW went Christmas shopping. She’s already done most of it, there were just the last bits to do. And of course she couldn’t take the girls with her.
Which was lucky, as TW was out until the wee early hours and when she got back she woke me up and even our eldest. So she probably needed some time to get her head straight, as she was certainly out of it last night.
So, anyway, Splashpoint. I was rather reluctant, as I had already ferried T and L to gymnastics, but they really enjoyed it; flitting between the slide, the diving board, and the inflatable, they played nicely together and enjoyed the variety. When we got to the hour, I told them they had ten minutes; T went off to swim lengths and the other two went back on the inflatable for a final two times. L was upset when I told her that time was up, but they were well-behaved and got dry and dressed in good humour.

I was really surprised by how empty Splashpoint was. Apparently it’s been like that for a week or so. I reckon everyone is off shopping for Christmas. They’ll probably be swamped again after Christmas, but it was nice, just once, to stroll in, walk straight up to the counter (rather than queue for 20 mins) and collect our bands. It may never happen again… 🙂

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