Technology can be frustrating sometimes. I was installing iTunes the other day to upload some songs on to ED’s iPod but it just didn’t seem to work. When it was connected to the computer, the computer recognised that the iPod had tunes on it but when I detached the iPod Nano from the computer it said it had no music on it. I had installed iTunes on the PC from a CD which came with the iPod Nano- the first generation one . I did try to update it through iTunes itself but the message I kept getting was that the service could not be found. I looked online and I found articles advising that in order to play aac files I would need the iPod software version 1.3 which I knew that the new iPod Nano could not support. So I tried loading other files – wav files, mp3 files, anything I could find. But still no music appeared on the iPod Nano. Then I decided to update iTunes by downloading the latest version from the Internet, from Apple’s website itself. That took an absolute age; it was deleting files, restoring files, replacing files, registering files. By now it was about 22:20 – past my bedtime! So I thought I would give it one last try. Once iTunes had installed itself – the latest version of iTunes, that is – I synced the iPod Nano with iTunes and hey presto! the tunes appeared on the iPod Nano. I believe it was because I was trying to use iTunes version 6 to upload songs to a newer machine. Once I installed iTunes version 10, which is the current version, all of a sudden life was very easy indeed. So that’s a lesson learnt for me. Always use the latest software when required. And in the process I’ve learnt more about which files iTunes and my iPod support!