Welcome to the end of the Twelve Days of Christmas. It’s been a period of over-indulgence in several ways; we’ve had lots of fun, lots of presents and lots of booze.
TW spent a lot of time in hospital with her gran – she’s fine, still going strong and is as stubborn as ever.
Our Christmas Eve drinks party / open house tradition was a success again. I say ‘our’, but really it is all down to TW. She loves it. The Day itself was a restrained affair at M&P’s, and then friends came over for the evening.
I was back to work on Thursday 27th as I had drawn the short straw at work.
New Year’s Eve was a second wave of over-indulgence and January 1st was a very slow day indeed – all the girls saw in the New Year though, which was a good thing (I think).
Then 2nd Jan was back to work again and for me it’s been back to normal every since. TW, on the other hand, restarts her routine tomorrow – and that might be a shock to the system… 🙂
Me? I’ve already been out running twice this year, and looking forward to getting out more.
Happy New Year!