So I continue to amaze myself. We stayed up until 23:30 last night, And I was up at 05:45 ready to go for a run. I’d had a bit of drink taken, but not overly so (and I reckon my unit intake was lower than The Wife’s), but I was still surprised to be awake and ready to go.

And this time I decided to extend my run, to a whole 1.24 miles. Again, I ran the entire distance (except for a short stop while crossing the road, to let a car past). I maintained my average running speed at 10m19s per mile; a bit slow, I know, but I’m hoping this will come down as the weeks go on. 

In addition, I’m hoping to push out the distance I run, slowly so that I don’t stop or have to take breaks. I may even get up to 20 or 25 minutes running – we’ll have to see.

But tomorrow I’m off to the in-laws for a long weekend, so I won’t get to run until Weds. Boo!