Last weekend I went to Somerset House to see Emmy the Great and Tindersticks.
Against the odds, it was sunny and a lovely evening.
I made my way into the courtyard and lots of the audience were sitting down. Then Emmy came on, they were pretty good. Played a good song called Gemini. I think it was their cover of Pixies’ Where is My Mind which was used as an advert for a holiday company. The sound was really good and clear. I’d not heard them before, I was expecting something a bit more folky, but I liked what I heard and should search out some of their releases.
Then Tindersticks came on, I have two of their CDs but haven’t really got to know them. Again the sound was clear and crisp. The backing band were quite funky, a good rhythm section. Stuart Staples the singer had a lovely voice, like a deep Roland Gift. A bit mannered but lovely and rich, like a good chocolate. As I didn’t know the songs, I only stayed for 50 minutes as I had to get home. But it was worth it – I won the tickets in a lottery at work.
All in all a good evening.