Cud have always been one of my favourite bands, as far back as I can remember liking bands.  I guess I heard them first on John Peel; I think ‘Only (A Prawn in Whitby)’ was a session track, and the rhythms and the lyrics and Carl Puttnam’s vocal stylings drew me to it immediately.  In fact, I believe I recorded either the single or the session from Peel’s show.

I did have a ticket to see Cud at Crystal Palace, back in 1990 or 1991, I thought they were supporting The Cure and Pixies on the same bill, but having looked on the internet, it seems my mind may be playing tricks on me. My parents told me I needed to save the travel money, but I didn’t, so I ended up selling my ticket to a friend.  My life is full of regrets, but that is quite a big one.

So I should have seen Cud about 22 years ago.  I saw Carter USM last year, and am on their distribution list so I saw that Cud were supporting Carter in Leeds.  I thought that would be a great gig to go to, so was thinking about how to get there.  But then it occurred to me that if they were supporting Carter, they must be doing some warm-ups… So I put my detecting hat on (i.e., fired up Google) and found that they were playing at the “Relentless” Garage in Inslington, London.

Ticket bought, the day arrived. I did a bit of internet research to find out that the support bands were Sheen and Echotape; and also that Cud would be onstage at approx. 10pm.  During the day we bumped into one of TW’s friends and it somehow came up in conversation that her husband was going to see Cud as well, so she took a photo of me and texted it to him, in the hope we might meet up at the gig. How bizarre…  I set off at about 5pm, and got to London at 7. I was in the venue by 7:30, with about six other people. I had a sit-down and a beer, and waited for the first band who were on at 8:30.

I initially thought Sheen were a strange hotch-potch of a band. My initial thoughts were that they had a female pop singer fronting a