So we took our annual camping holiday early this year, since it’s rained in August for the last three years every time we’ve been.
We went with new camping companions Carol & Nick, our neighbours, and their kids. And lo, the weather was good. Except when we were packing up the tent and coming home – then the rain pissed down.
We were in Swanage on the bank holiday Monday for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and I’ve never seen it so busy. Of course we went in on the steam train, which the kids enjoyed.
We also spent a day at Bluepool, where Tilly completed the Squirrel Quest and won a bear. We passed a day at Studland Beach, although not in blazing sunshine. And in the evenings we relaxed around the fire and drank copious amounts of wine. All in all it was great, and I expect we’ll go again – in fact, I’m looking forward to it!