I have mostly been reading Daredevil this week. After the dark and gothic environment of the Shadowland denouement to Vol. II, the new comics (Vol. III) are a breath of fresh air. The artwork is very bright and summery, people are smiling and enjoying life, and Matt Murdock wears a jumper with “I am not Daredevil” emblazoned across it.

Since deciding to give up the booze, I’ve caught up with Uncanny X-Force, Astonishing X-Men, and even decided to invest in Iron Man – from 500 onwards (which is the number I picked up Daredevil from, if I remember correctly?  What a coincidence…)

So I have a pile of comics on my bedside table, ready for reading. I’m looking forward to starting Supurbia, a four-part series from BOOM!, as well as catching up with Morning Glories.  I think I’m about a year behind on Incorruptible, and don’t even get me started on Haunt…!

But the new system might just work, and if I can read more in a week than I buy on a Saturday, hopefully the pile next to the bed will slowly diminish (we can live in hope…). And if I can continue to read some comics on the train as well, that’ll help too.

Job’s a good’un!.