It’s been a busy three days.The list of to-dos began even before I got home. TW phoned me at work to let me know that the fuses had blown. “Darling, I wasn’t doing anything. Just hammering a picture hook into the wall above the light switch.” So job #1 was to rewire an old fuse.
And of course, I left the picture hook in the wall. So, as soon as I put the repaired fuse back in the box and switched the circuit back on, it blew. Dammit!
So I had to redo it. This time I took the picture hook out of the wall. A neighbour came round and reckoned I was on a hiding to nothing, but I thought it was worrth a try. The other alternative was to call an electrician *on a bank holiday* to come out and repair it. We would have had to sell the house, I reckon, to pay a bill like that.
Anyway, this time it worked, thank the lord. Old style fuses are so fiddly. So that was job #1 completed.