This is a bit of an obscure topic for a post, but I thought I’d mention this before launching into an even weirder fetish of mine.


So, to set the scene, Marvel, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) comic producer in the world, has been banging on about relaunching several of their titles, including Wolverine and Iron Man.  Iron Man is up to issue #500, and the relaunch will be numbered #500.1 – which is nice.


Wolverine, on the other hand, has reached issue #5, and the relaunch is numbered #5.1.


A question that springs to mind immediately is – why would you need a relaunch, after five issues?  But, it’s a relaunch, it’s a special issue, it’s going to be good, right?




Maybe the writers and illustrators missed the point?  This is supposed to be an issue to draw people in.  This is supposed to ‘sell’ Wolverine to the general masses, the people who’ve never bothered with the big fella before.  So, let’s look at the story, then; it’s a surprise birthday for Wolverine, but it turns out to be a real surprise because he doesn’t know today is his birthday.  So he doesn’t show.  Cue a lot of small-talk from a lot of superheroes – Luke Cage, The Thing, Deadpool, the list goes on.


One possible seed is the appearance of The Hand, but I’ve just collected all of Shadowland, I’ve had enough of The Hand.  In my view, there was nothing gripping about this issue.


Maybe the artwork was exemplary?  Maybe the issue was a visual delight?  Here are two examples of the art work in this pisspoor (in my opinion) publication:





So, the artwork not impressive either.  Oh well.  That’s a shame.  I’ve got Wolverine (Road to Hell) Prelude, #1 – #5, and #5.1.  I was thinking I could bag ’em up and sell ’em off as one interesting lot.  So, thanks for nothing, Marvel.