I was tired this week. Going back at work coincided with the final Ashes test, and so it’s been late to bed and early to rise every day.

Staying up until 00:30 or 01:00 is no fun when I’ve had to drag my sorry arse out of bed at 06:30 later the same day. I think I’ve actually fallen asleep on the train on the way home each night this week.

This lack of sleep and need for concentration at work comes after ten days or so of free-wheeling mental non-engagement and (whisper it) lie-ins. The girls had relaxed into the holidays and were sleeping until 07:30 or so. This may have been related to the fact that we allowed them to stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve…

Still, a good night’s sleep last night has almost sorted me out. Adding on to that the fact that I’m not drinking in January, by middle of next week I should be raring to go!