I received an email from O2, or Apple, or both, advising that between 26th December and 6th Jan, I would be entitled to a free download each day.  I didn’t have high hopes, as ‘free’ normally means ‘of no interest’, to my understanding of things.

However, I have dutifully downloaded everything on offer so far, and as a result I have the following:

a Kylie Minogue single (never to be played or mentioned again)

a Cheryl Cole single (to be played once, and then probably deleted)

a Father Ted Christmas special (probably the jewel in the crown, but the 12 days aren’t up yet…)

a game – Fishing Kings (no idea why I downloaded this, it didn’t work)

Life of Pi (through iBooks – this should be good).


So, all told, 2 out of 5 isn’t bad.  But why would I download Cheryl Cole or Kylie tracks, when I have absolutely no interest in those?  It’s just part of this ‘eat all you can, consume all data’ era we live in…  I think a New Year’s resolution should be that I be more choosy in what I download, and not just take it cos it’s free.  There are other resolutions too…