England retain the Ashes after thrashing the Australians at home.  I don’t really know how to explain it.

How can one team be all out for 98, and the other team then proceed to get 513?  The simple answer would be that England are miles better than Australia at batting, and the Australian bowling attack was toothless.  But I don’t buy that.

When you consider Australia’s line-up individually, they have world-class players; Ponting, Hussey, Johnson, and Siddle should be in any top ten.  And Australia should have had the home advantage.  So what happened?

I read something this morning which suggested Australia haven’t been watching England play recently.  If that’s the case, then Australia were woefully under-prepared.  And while I think you can compare the batting line-ups, where England prevailed was in the bowling dept.  England knew where the Australian batting weaknesses were.  A lot has been made of the fact that Ponting can be unseated early, if the bowling is on target, and I expect the England team had similar plans for the other batsmen.

Anyway, there’s loads been written about it, so I’m off to read even more.  Now all we need is England to win the last Test and I can collect on my wager…